Fuck Money:
On Domain Names and the Open Web

The most difficult thing for others to understand about me is that money is not my tender.

I perceive money, and certain authority and powers that come with it to be falsehood, fake faces and lies. Have you watched the news in the last millisecond?

What matters for This Miss Molly is the movement of social evolution rather than devolution. For me, that requires new experiments, products, opportunities, collaboration, innovation and delicious rainbows of diverse ideas.

All of us are capable and fit to participate no matter what others define as “able” or “normal” or in some way, but very few of us ever are taught to use our actual skills to complement our lives. From every walk of life there is a human problem. We are caught in a perceived infinite loop that the one, the few and NOT the many are somehow better?

There is no Net Worth here! The stake is the potential to move the Web ahead. The heart is the place to hope again. A domain name is leased monthly for a non-living wage modest amount to my Medical Trust Fund until success (she writes, not considering an alternative – this is genius and there’s long history in all involved).

The longer-term success for all is, in my fantasy as I enter senior years, to leave this earth with opportunity for the ideals I’ve long held dear about the Open Web Movement, my role in it and a career spanning the entirety of the Web’s life and beyond.

Fuck money. I have very modest needs most of them not requiring money but support and kindness and feeling human and okay in life instead of the freak show I’ve too long thought myself to be.

All Hail. Hail!

A new personal blog to encourage more long form writing. The fun begins February something something. I’ve gotten both literally and figuratively shorter which is less conducive to focused topics and creative works. xo/m