Web Standards Project: Re-ignited!

Howdy friends,

Forgive the out of the box template here, but I’m anxious to get started with gathering names on a non-social network site for the reignition of the Web Standards Project. I am also intending to start blogging regularly again, and hyperverbal is my new home. Welcome!

Insofar as WaSP, the initial focus action I have put together is to

bring about an iterative set of professional standards, codes of conduct and ethics to the Web design and development industry.

This is the first focus – to forge an edict of professional standards. This would ideally be a living recommendation that would be managed via Github in order to track changes.

Some of the voiced concerns regarding revitalizing the project have been the very reasonable expressions of “It’s harder now because it’s more fragmented” and that’s true! As such, I expect there will likely be a lot of modification and updates to  the rec.

We will also want to have a wiki and/or proper Web site for our mission statement, a means for folks to join us, activities and opportunities and so on.

Thank you all for wanting a higher standard of professionalism in the Web industry, which has now been alive for over two decades. It’s time we acknowledged we exist as an actual industry, and that it’s a very complex and highly skilled industry at that.