Web Standards Project: Re-ignited!

Howdy friends,

Forgive the out of the box template here, but I’m anxious to get started with gathering names on a non-social network site for the reignition of the Web Standards Project. I am also intending to start blogging regularly again, and hyperverbal is my new home. Welcome!

Insofar as WaSP, the initial focus actionย I have put together is to

bring about an iterative set of professional standards, codes of conduct and ethics to the Web design and development industry.

This is the first focus – to forge an edict of professional standards. This would ideally be a living recommendation that would be managed via Github in order to track changes.

Some of the voiced concerns regarding revitalizing the project have been the very reasonable expressions of “It’s harder now because it’s more fragmented” and that’s true! As such, I expect there will likely be a lot of modification and updates to ย the rec.

We will also want to have a wiki and/or proper Web site for our mission statement, a means for folks to join us, activities and opportunities and so on.

Thank you all for wanting a higher standard of professionalism in the Web industry, which has now been alive for over two decades. It’s time we acknowledged we exist as an actual industry, and that it’s a very complex and highly skilled industry at that.


Author: Molly

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  1. Michaela: that’s a very dangerous thing to say around me. As soon as the weekend’s over, I’ll have a list for you! Especially because I know you have your way with words ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Keep ’em coming throughout the weekend. Ideas or comments always welcome. Be kind and be real. We have changed the world before, and we will do it again, and that will continue until we end. I love you. I love this Web. Let’s honor our humanity and social world with as much passion and drive as we have the technical aspects of our work.

  3. I’m not sure what and how much I’ll be able to contribute, but I’ll definitely try to support you. I feel I could take a little care of the IndieWeb side of things …

  4. Amanda,

    Great question and of course! The one issue I’m going to personally go hard on in terms of #a11y is that I personally thing we will do better to not make it a social issue but a technical quality. Access isn’t just about “dis” – it’s about every living soul. This is not to say my voice is right just that I am very much hoping others will begin advocating “quality (inclusive of a11y)” over “accommodation” if I’m articulating myself here. Fun fact: WaSP had the Accessibility Task Force (ATF) and we had a lot of fun arming ourselves for the cause. There’s pictures – I’ll post them at some point for a laugh. It’s a little daunting to see us all carrying deadly weapons, but the point gets across! ha!

  5. Joschi! Absolutely – there’s big dovetail with IndieWeb here and having open liaisons between the two groups seems only natural and right to me. Any reason to not think this? We definitely are kindred in spirit.

  6. Yay! And you can write specs. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, wait, did you think this was going to be a break from that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. There’s probably a reference to an old Eddie Izzard routine about standards to be made, but I’d need yet more coffee on this lazy weekend afternoon. My schedule is weird but I would love to help any way I can.

  8. Hi Everyone! Just want to express my thanks for the interest and enthusiasm. I can say one thing about the Project as it was during my time there in prior years, everyone was super busy, and we still did the work. Every little bit helps so much. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for believing there’s a reason to reignite this flame.

    I will be working with Ben Henick to dig up what we can in terms of resources from the old site, and begin a Wiki and github repo something in the next week. We can begin to gather there and get a bit more organized and project-focused.

    Thank you all again – and other folks, chime in if you’re interested!


  9. I’m in, more from a ‘how do we generate standards compliant HTML on the server’ perspective…but happy to help how I can.

  10. Hi folks – wow this is igniting my fire – okay, that might be the very, very, very hot conditions of the U.S. Southwest atm, but I’m gonna say it’s YOU. Awesome energy.

    The wiki is not yet created. I will wiki that up ASAP as that way we can at least begin spaghetti walling. I will do what I can in the course of the next 24 hours to make that so.

    For right now it will live here but Ben Henick is helping me find out what we need to make happen to get webstandards.org again. I will keep you posted on that as we go!


    Mols ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. an Aussie here too, Molly. I’m in although I am not sure what or how at the moment being on the dos under side of the world.
    and out of the box themes are ok too.
    Just thought that you can do a website off GitHub too with GitHub pages and Jekyll.

  12. Count me in as am interested in everything web and would love to see accessibility ranked. But am in through and through. Thank you for spearheading this!

  13. It would be great to see the WaSP sting again, especially with that updated focus and an international outreach. Count me in if there is anything I can do to help with this great cause.

  14. Count me in! Mainly for the fact I’m very tired of seeing the standards being butchered by JavaScript frameworks and accessibility being an afterthought once again! ๐Ÿ˜ก

  15. Last time around, my participation was mostly limited to cheering from the sidelines and a bit of informal evangelism.

    This time I intend to be more actively involved, and I am particularly curious to see how this renewed standards effort will intersect with the re-decentralized (or is that de-recentralized?) ‘Distributed Web’: http://www.decentralizedweb.net

  16. I’m eager to help, just not sure which of my skills apply: Web ontology (novice/intermediate), WordPress (intermediate, veteran), very basic design, clerical/communication/social-media activities.

  17. So I remember you saying I had volunteered for some kind of Mobile role :), either way I am in !

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